Ritual - Essentials Reed Diffuser

Ritual - Essentials Reed Diffuser

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Enhance your well-being with our Ritual - Essentials reed diffusers, which utilize the natural benefits of 100% pure essential oils. Our expertly blended scents, such as spearmint pepper and floral lavender jasmine ylang, create a soothing and revitalizing atmosphere. Unwind and relax with the calming fragrance of vetiver, amyris cedarwood, and more.


Indulge in the refreshing and captivating aroma of our Ritual - Essentials Reed Diffuser. Our unique blend of spearmint, lavender, and jasmine creates a mood of herbal and minty freshness. With rich florals and hints of fresh mint, this delightful combination will invigorate your senses and uplift your spirits. Make your home a sanctuary with our Reed Diffuser today!

Scent Notes: Spearmint, Lavender and Jasmine

Mood: Herbal and Minty 

Duration: 6 months


Upgrade your home with an eco-friendly and long-lasting diffuser, perfect for any space. Crafted with a vegan base, this diffuser offers a longer scent throw without harming the environment. The included 10 wooden reeds and amber glass bottle preserve the natural oils for 6 months of continuous fragrance. Enhance your living space with this sustainable and fragrant addition.

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