Meditation - Essentials Candles

Meditation - Essentials Candles

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Elevate your meditation practice with our Essentials Candles, naturally scented with a blend of Bergamot, Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, and Chamomile essential oils. Indulge in the calming and soothing benefits of aromatherapy while clearing your mind and enhancing your spiritual experience.


Indulge in self-care with our Meditation - Essentials Candles. Take a moment for yourself and let go of stress and worries. The calming aroma will guide you to inner peace. With these candles, meditation becomes the perfect companion for daily relaxation.

Scent Notes: Bergamont, Lavender and Sage

Mood: Floral and Calming

Burn Time: 180ml / 50 hours | 500ml / 150 hours



Eco-friendly coconut wax candle. Cruelty-free and plant-based. Features a pure cotton wick for clean burning and a stylish amber glass jar with a sleek black lid. Infused with natural essential oils for a delightful aroma.


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