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Maiden - Black Magic Candle

Maiden - Black Magic Candle

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Welcome to the world of Maiden, a luxurious black magic candle crafted from rich wild cherry, almond, and floral scents. Delight in the full-bodied, plump candle fragrance, rounded off with a hint of sweet, sugary indulgence. Candle burning has never been this magical!

  • Vegan Friendly Fragrance Oils 
  • Sustainable Soy and Coconut Wax
  • Clean Burning Zinc Free Cotten Wick 
  • Available in two candle sizes 


Light up the Maiden - Black Magic Candle and be taken away on a journey of enchantment and youth. This triple moon goddess candle embodies rebirth and new beginnings, perfect for your next spell of manifestation. Let the waxing moon guide your way to success!

  • Scent: Wild Cherry
  • Mood: Sweet and Mystical
  • Goddess: Waxing Moon Goddess
  • Burn Time: Tin Candle = 40 hours | Medium Candle = 65 Hours 


Light the Maiden Black Magic Candle and fill your home with the aromas of vegan fragrance oils. Its sustainable soy and coconut wax blend with a cotton wick ensures a clean, beautiful, and environmentally conscious burn. Available in two sizes, Maiden creates a truly magical experience with every light. Make a lasting impression with the perfect vegan-friendly accessory.


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