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Glow Goddess Snap Bars

Glow Goddess Snap Bars

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Enchant your home with the Glow Goddess Snap Bars! With three unique aromatic scents to choose from, each made from vegan soy coconut wax, you'll be delighted by the divinely invigorating aromas of Artemis (sweet orange), Aphrodite (rose), and Athena (lavender). Let your senses be inspired and unleash your inner Glow Goddess!


Soothe your senses with Glow Goddess Snap Bars. Handcrafted with natural, sustainably sourced soy and coconut wax, these vegan friendly and cruelty free bars melt instantly and fill your space with their blissful fragrance. Simply unwrap and place in your wax warmer or oil burner for an effortless and relaxing fragrant experience.

  • Natural, sustainably sourced soy and coconut wax
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty free fragrance oils.
  • Simply place in a wax warmer or oil burner and allow to melt, relax and enjoy. 
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