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Glow Goddess Room Sprays

Glow Goddess Room Sprays

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Elevate your sacred spaces with Glow Goddess Room Sprays. Choose from three Goddesses, each with its own divine scent – Artemis with sweet orange, Aphrodite with rose, and Athena with lavender. Let these scents inspire and uplift your spiritual practices, and your mood. Transform your home with the enchanting aroma of the Goddesses!


Experience the sweetness of Glow Goddess Room Sprays. Our 100ml non-greasy, allergen-free room sprays provide up to 6 months of blissful fragrances, delivered through a fine mist pump. The bottle is presented in an elegant frosted white glass, perfect for refreshing linens or other light fabrics. Enjoy a worry-free, mess-free, and stress-free scent every day.


  • 100ml of scented room spray
  • Allergen free, non-greasy spray base 
  • Presented in a frosted white glass bottle with easy application with a fine mist spray pump
  • Roughly 4 - 6 months of fragrance depending on usage
  • Suitable for linens and other light fabrics

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