Dawn - Essentials Room Spray

Dawn - Essentials Room Spray

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Discover the refreshing and revitalizing powers of nature with the Dawn - Essentials room spray. Infused with a unique blend of essential oils such as geranium, rose, orange, cabreuva, mandarin, mimosa, and pink pepper, it creates a naturally fragrant atmosphere that calms the mind and boosts your spirits!


Introduce your senses to a heavenly aroma with Dawn - Essentials Room Spray. This convenient, travel-sized spray boasts a charming apothecary design and amber glass packaging that safeguards the purity of essential oils. Start your day on a fragrant note!

Scent Notes: Rose, Mandarin and Mimosa

Mood: Sweet and Light

Duration: 2 - 3 months


Transform any room into a welcoming atmosphere with Dawn - Essentials Room Spray. Made with a non-greasy spray base, this 100ml scented spray is presented in an amber glass bottle for easy application. Enjoy approximately 2-3 months of long-lasting fragrance, making it perfect for travels or sprucing up your linens and fabrics. Allergen-free and handy, it's a must-have for any expert in home fragrances.

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