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Coconut Rosewood - Signature Wax Melts

Coconut Rosewood - Signature Wax Melts

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Experience a tropical escape with our Coconut Rosewood Signature Wax Melts. The perfect balance of lush white florals, creamy coconut milk, and warm spices create a captivating aroma that will transport you to paradise. Indulge in the comforting embrace of vanilla and musk while enjoying the subtle notes of clove and cinnamon. Bring the essence of the islands into your home today!


Escape to the Caribbean with our Coconut Rosewood signature wax melts. Hand poured with plastic-free coconut wax, our melts offer a tropical and eco-friendly way to fill your home with a delightful scent. Go green while indulging in a luxurious, fragrant experience. 

Scent Notes: Rosewood, Coconut and Vanilla 

Mood: Rich and Warming 

Duration: 10 - 12 hours 


Indulge in the captivating aromas of our Signature Wax Melts, carefully crafted with locally sourced vegan oils. Our hand-poured melts use premium coconut wax and are packaged in eco-friendly materials, providing a guilt-free experience.

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