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Athena Goddess Candle

Athena Goddess Candle

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Light up the wisdom of Athena with this beautiful Athena Goddess Candle. Blended with sea salt and lavender, its tranquil scent will fill your home with reverence and serenity. Let the goddess of wisdom guide your spirit and provide your space with a peaceful atmosphere of balance and clarity.

  • Poured in a frosted glass 30cl vessel
  • Clean burning with a zinc-free cotton wick
  • Made with plant based soy and coconut wax blend 
  • Scented with vegan friendly fragrance oils 
  • Burn time between 45 - 50 hours 


Discover the power of Athena with our Goddess Candle! Infused with her blessing of wisdom, this candle is perfect for anyone who loves to take risks and challenge themselves. Light up the night with your own goddess-endowed ambition! Get your Athena Goddess Candle now!

  • Scent Notes: Lavender 
  • Scent Description: Earthy 
  • Scent Mood: Grounding 


Light up the room with the Athena Goddess Candle and its captivating fragrant blend of lavender, cedarwood, and sea salt. Enjoy its pleasant scent and set the mood with its unique combination of natural elements.

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