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Artemis Goddess Candle

Artemis Goddess Candle

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Unlock your goddess power with the Artemis Goddess Candle. Its orange and coconut fragrance helps channel nature's strength, inspiring boldness and courage. Shine your light and embrace the wildness of the divine!

  • Poured in a frosted glass 30cl vessel
  • Clean burning with a zinc-free cotton wick
  • Made with plant based soy and coconut wax blend 
  • Scented with vegan friendly fragrance oils 
  • Burn time between 45 - 50 hours 


Light the Artemis Goddess Candle and unleash your inner goddess. Release your inner strength and courage with an empowering flame, honoring the power of Artemis to embolden and embolden your spirit. Dare to be bold!

  • Scent Notes: Sweet Orange and Coconut 
  • Scent Description: Fruity 
  • Scent Mood: Empowering 


Harness the power of the gods with our Artemis Goddess Candle. Combining sweet orange with creamy coconut milk and a hint of the exotic, this candle is sure to add a spark of divine energy to your cozy night in. You'll feel innocent yet alluring! A totally divine experience.

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