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Taurus Candle

Taurus Candle

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Experience the enchanting radiance of our Taurus Candle. Made with sustainable coconut wax, this candle is hand-poured into an iridescent glass jar, adding a touch of celestial magic to any room. With a delicate Taurus-inspired scent, this candle will bring a sense of tranquility and grounding to your space.

Top notes: Wild Carnation, Litchi Fruit, Pink Currant Berry, Bergamot
Mid notes: Pink Lily, Rose, Fresh Freesia
Base notes: White Musk, Amber


Unleash your inner strength with our Taurus Candle. Our Taurus 20cl candle is hand poured with iridescent mica power and our 40cl candle is adorned with an engraved Taurus design on pearlescent glass, creating a unique and powerful energy in any room. Let the calm and inspiring glow of this candle ignite your passion.

Scent Description 

Experience the irresistible scent of Taurus Candle! This luxurious candle features a blend of wild carnation, litchi fruit, and pink currant berry, creating a refreshing and energizing aroma. With hints of bergamot, pink lily, and rose, along with a touch of fresh freesia, white musk, and amber, this candle will fill your space with a captivating and alluring fragrance. Indulge in the beauty and luxury of Taurus Candle.

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