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Naturally scented room spray

Naturally scented room spray

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Experience the power of nature's delightful aromas with our room spray! Our blend of natural essential oils offer a pleasant sensory escape as you breathe in the scent's energizing influence. Create a serene environment without compromising your wellbeing – no artificial fragrances here! What kind of mind & body escape can you create?


  • 100ml of naturally scented room spray
  • Allergen free, non-greasy spray base 
  • Presented in a frosted white glass bottle with easy application with a fine mist spray pump
  • Roughly 4 - 6 months of fragrance depending on usage
  • Suitable for linens and other light fabrics


    Our Room Sprays are made in small batches, as limited runs for an exclusive gift-giving experience. All Room Sprays are Vegan friendly and Cruelty free, made with an allergen free room spray base and bottled in 100ml white frosted glass bottles with fine mist spray pump

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